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In my 'day job' I manage a research orchard which includes a large number of standard commercial varieties, many new varieties just emerging into the market, and a few duds that never took off.  While I have had access to upwards of 100 different apple varieties in a given season, I have still found myself scrounging for and buying fruit specifically for my cider making.  I have also had an interest in antique or heirloom varieties which didn't fit into the focus of the research program (although I am now learning that many of these varieties dropped out of favor for a reason). So my initial plan was to plant an orchard with no overlap of varieties with my worksite.   Given my home location up in the mountains, anything I planted was going to be a test variety, since my growing experience has always been in the balmy Champlain Valley or Central Massachusetts.  I was ready to take risks and graft over anything that failed, and given that I have just barely started to get fruit, the experiment is still ongoing.

After planting the initial block I knew I wanted more trees (which means more land to clear). Wanting to both save some bucks and gain some experience, I chose to graft over my own trees in the spring of 2005, using the best stock varieties from the experimental orchard in Burlington. Most of my grafts 'took', and the resulting trees should be ready for planting in spring  2008. All of these trees were grafted onto Bud. 9 full-dwarfing rootstock. 

More trees were budded to M26 rootstock in spring 2006.

Variety List:

Trees established in ground:

Cider Apples: Brown Snout, Browns Apple, Chisel Jersey, Foxwhelp, Kingston Black, Stembridge Cluster, Tremlett's Bitter, Michelin, Nehou, Sweet Alford, Wickson, Binet Rouge, DabinettMajor 

 Russetts: St Edmund’s Russet, Egremont Russet, Roxbury Russet 

 Newer Varieties: Keepsake, Sweet 16,

Antiques: Newtown Pippin, Black Oxford, Blue Pearmain, Hubbardston Nonesuch, Esopus Spitzenburg, Pomme Gris, Ashmead Kernel 

Whip Grafts (Bud. 9 rootstock, full dwarf, 2005):

VT Gold, Fortune, Shizuka, Fuji (Jubilee), Arlet, Liberty, Delblush, Sunrise

Whip Grafts (M. 26 rootstock, semi-dwarf, 2006):

Liberty, William's Pride, Haralson, Garden Royal, Honeygold, Novaspy, Brock, Hudson's Golden Gem, Opalescent, Poundweet, Ribston Pippin, Scott's Winter, Starkey, Wealthy, Northfield Beauty.

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