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Site Notes for LostMeadowVT.com

The general framework, static html pages, and file organization for the site were created or managed with Microsoft FrontPage 97.  Yeah, I know it's a program for talentless hacks and is full of crap code and all.  But, it was free.  On top of that it works just fine and has some handy tools.  I now use Microsoft Sharepoint designer, pretty much the same thing. Occasionally I edit some html manually. All pages are formatted individually with no global css or php type of setups.  So, you probably won't see a major style change without a total reworking.   Some headers and footers are global using the 'include' function, so they are changeable. All site updates besides blog pages are performed manually via ftp.

Blog pages are generated through Google's Blogger service and hosted on my LM server. Most blog posts are emailed to Blogger servers which ftp them to my site automatically, allowing for easier content submission. This allows for a static html section as well as a more flexible but less 'permanent' updated section.

Speaking of servers, I use PowerShift in Stowe, VT


Traffic stats are tracked with statcounter.   If you get a cookie warning, this is why.  It only tracks for repeat visitors to the site so I can see how many times my mother has looked at Alice pictures.  No private information is collected, stored, distrbuted, or otherwise used.

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