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SomeOldBradshaws.jpg (6207 bytes)

Some Old Bradshaws, a long time ago

OldBradshaws_House.jpg (6655 bytes)

Newer old Bradshaws in front of the house my folks still live in

BradshawOct63.jpg (14865 bytes)

My Grandpa George, Grandma Kay, Dad, and Aunt Helen, October 1963

Bradshaws1978ish.jpg (15512 bytes)

Chelsea VT Bradshaws c. 1978 or so.  I've got my hands on my head.

wedding_sunset.jpg (6556 bytes)

Wedding Day Sunset on Lake Salem

DaveB1980s.jpg (8123 bytes)

My Dad sometime in the 80's

TB_MB_JO.jpg (11822 bytes)

Me, my brother, and my cousin Jason sometime in the late 70's.  I'm the one eating the cheese.

baby_papa.jpg (8574 bytes)

Papa, Julie's grandpa

BeaPapaCece.jpg (8234 bytes)

Papa, Bea, and Julie's mom Cecile

GeorgeBAug74.jpg (9145 bytes)

My Grandpa George Bradshaw, August 1974.  Don't know who took this picture but I think it's really cool.

Odds and Ends

pipper.JPG (7937 bytes)

Little Pippin, our sweet kitty (R.I.P.)

kinger on tile.JPG (7007 bytes)

Kingston, our cool cat (R.I.P)

owl.JPG (9183 bytes)

An Owl that moved into our yard, Winter 03-04

dawgs.jpg (9325 bytes)

Some dogs

Fudd.jpg (9028 bytes)

Fudd, my dog growing up

babycalm.jpg (15183 bytes) babystim.jpg (14027 bytes) babyteethe.jpg (15948 bytes)

042106 (1).JPG (11511 bytes)

Nicole and Pippin, 4/21/06



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