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Vinyl LP Digital Conversion Service

email me at terry b at lost meadow vt dot com
(no spaces in email)

I can convert your cherished vinyl LPs to cd-r or digital file. My goal is for high quality sound, so only top-notch equipment is used. A typical workflow would include:

1.      Wet cleaning and vacuum drying LP.

2.      Playback on modified Music Hall mmf-5 or Pioneer PL-15 turntable.

3.      Cartridges include Signet TK3ea, Ortofon OM-20, Shure M97xe, Audio Technica 440mla, Empire 400TC

4.      Phono stages include Hagerman Bugle, Cambridge Audio 640P, Scott 299 vintage tube amplifier

5.      Roland Edirol ADC interface

6.      24 bit, 48 khz capture and recording

7.      Minimal processing, just removal of clicks and pops

I will make the best recording from the LP I am offered. Worn, off-center, or excessively crackly LPs will sound like they are. Processing is minimal, just removal of the worst clicks and pops (the wet wash does most of that to start with) and volume boost to -0.5 db. No compression or eq fiddling is done. My own recordings sound great and retain that vinyl character. Drums sound like drums, instruments exist in separate spaces, voices come from people�s mouths.


Standard LP:       $25
Double LP:           $40






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terryb at lostmeadowvt dot com