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TB with baby Alice, May 2006

My interest in growing things should have started early in life, but it didn't.  I was raised on a small hillside dairy farm in Chelsea, VT where my parents still live today, although the cows are now gone.  This farm has been in our family since the early 1800s, and I was the fifth generation to grow up in the original farmhouse.  You could say that I didn't really take to the farming life, and was out the door by age 18.

I rambled around a bit during my first year or two of college, winding up in the Environmental Studies department at the University of Vermont.  Here I could see the roots of what I wanted to do, but the action and philosophy left me with much to be desired.  I still don't know how I wound up in the Plant and Soil Science major, but I did. Here I had a hands-on program to apply my love of the outdoors and my wish to do something productive with it.  It took another year (1995 now) before I came across a flyer looking for part-time help with the UVM Apple Team.  I really didn't know squat about apples aside from having picked them in our ancient farm orchard as a kid and having them squeezed at the cider mill down the road.

Well, I guess I was hooked, and have loved and lived appling ever since. I worked for the Apple Team for two years, much of it full-time, while I finished my B.S. I then worked as a field supervisor for Tougas Family Farm in Northboro, MA. After a rewarding season with Mo and his family, I returned to Vermont to  manage a small retail orchard in Charlotte, VT where I ran the full operation from soil to apple (or pear, peach, or plum). Since the orchard closed in 1999 I have worked for the Vermont Apple Industry as a research and outreach specialist.

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