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Considerations for Operating a Commercial, Non-HACCP Cider Mill in Vermont


The Mill

The cider mill is really the heart of this operation.  With the number of trees I have in the ground and the amount of cider I currently and will eventually be pressing in a season, I needed a high-production mill that could keep up.   This meant that I wouldn't be using a hand press like the Happy Valley Ranch or Jefferson models. So I built my own.

I squeeze juice for myself primarily, but in the future I will do custom pressing for customers who need apples juiced.  I also sell untreated (non-pasteurized) juice for fermentation by home cidermakers.  I do not sell juice wholesale, and my juice is meant for fermentation before consumption. Contact me for your juicing needs in September or October.

I will not squeeze dirty or decaying fruit, period.  If you wouldn't eat it, I won't squeeze it.  I am very diligent about press sanitation and do not want any funky stuff getting onto it, or worse, into the juice.





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