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The Cider Room


cellar2.JPG (82491 bytes)One of the first improvements we made to our home was building the cold cellar or 'cider room'.  In the well-insulated basement we walled off the northeast corner and insulated with 1.5 inch pink foamboard, with sheetrock on the outside.  All seams were caulked and foaming spray insulation applied where needed.  An insulated exterior door was hung.  This door was a great find: after pricing them at around $200 at home supply stores, I found one at the Recycle North Building Materials Center in Burlington, VT for $60 pre-hung.  The foamboard probably cost the most of the materials.  The whole room cost around $250 plus an afternoon's labor.  The shelves were already in place when we bought the place.


Room2.JPG (72905 bytes)In the basement general there is an oil furnace and water heater, clothes dryer, and wood furnace.  When any of these get cranking, the wood furnace in particular, the basement can reach eighty degrees.  Inside the room I can maintain 35-45 �F depending on the outside temperature.  I sometimes adjust the outside windows as needed, but rarely.  The full carboys, kegs, barrel and bottles seem to act as a good moderating heat sink.

One note to anyone who may be building a house where a cider room/root celler is planned, PLEASE, put floor drains in (my only complaint).





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My buddy Aaron found this piece of firewood in his pile.  Those familiar with Vermont might recognize the shape.  I thought it would make a nice block for my cider taps.  And anyone who might be offended by the catch cup should send me a new one with a more suitable slogan.









BottColl01.JPG (95912 bytes)What would a cider room be without a suitable bottle collection?








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More bottles and monkeys...








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