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Keeving Images

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These non-keeved ciders are undergoing active fermentation.  Note the cloudiness of the yeast-filled juice

3keeves.JPG (80072 bytes)

Three ciders in various stages of keeving.  Ideally, a nice separation will develop as in the middle one, and the clear juice can be siphoned off and fermented.

keeve2.JPG (85123 bytes)

This 'brain in a jar' effect is pretty impressive, but at this stage would be hard to to siphon off from.

niceseparation.JPG (81612 bytes)

A couple of days later we have a good separation, although the juice in the middle is picking up some cloudiness due to breakup of the cap.  Time to siphon!

postkeeve1.JPG (67806 bytes)

The cleared juice racked off from the gel and ready for a long, slow ferment.

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