Friday, July 17, 2009

Yo La Tengo: I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One LP

Fuckin' love this record...finally. I got this as a crappy 128k mp3
from emusic almost ten years ago and have wanted the record (that's
vinyl) since. Too bad it fetches upwards of $50 or more on eBay. So
when I see Matador re-released it, I hopped down to Pure Pop to pick
mine up for 25 clams. I almost downloaded the 320k mp3's that came with
it but as I was lookinh on the hard drive I noticed my copy was a
full-res flac file. Oh yeah...I bought this on cdat a garage sale for
$1 last summer. Oh well, this is worth having in multiple (good)
formats,and worth supporting at retail value.

It's like a love song to pop music; so varied, yet cohesive. The
couplet of 'Stockholm Syndrome' and 'Autumn Sweater' (record 1, side 2)
still gives me the feelies.

I'll give someone the download code that came with my record since I
don't need it. Only hitch is you have to buy at least one more YLT
cd/record at an independent music store, no itunes, no cheating. Maybe
pick up a killer Kinks record while you're at it?