Saturday, January 13, 2007

Funny shits

So I use a webtracker to keep track of hits to my website.  One nice thing it tells me is where they came to the site from, so that I can see what external links are effective.  Lately I have been ranking well in google, and by proxy many other search engines, so a lot of traffic comes from searches.  Here's a list of recent searches that resulted in site hits and the rank I met:

Rank Search
   applepress homemade, (sweden?)
5    cider ferment slowed, google
18   in-keg carbonation, google
6    deck layout fence dog, google
2    "Angelo Montrone" bad mastering, google (mixtape)
8    "in bottle pasteurization", yahoo
5?   terry bradshaws family, msn
18   www.lost dogs,
1    how to delabel a wine bottle,

Now all that randomness is normal, but I had my best one yet today that made me crack up good:

1    cider shits, yahoo


Friday, January 05, 2007

More Kinks stuff

from some dude bob's blog

New Records

Cashed in a gift cert at Exile Records this past weekend:

Cat Power, The Greatest: Saw this there a while back and had to pick it up. I have some of her earlier stuff on MP3 which I don't really listen to. I've known I needed to check her out for some time now. Well this record is amazing. Recorded, mastered, and pressed very well. Her songs are so emotional and played with such soul that they just grab you. A nice addition.

Macy Gray, On How Life IsAnother one I saw previously and had to pick up, in keeping with my desire for more soul/R&B. She's a great artist and the sound on this album is pretty solid. Nice grooves, great songs.

Replacements, Pleased to Meet Me: Have it on cd but I really want to get their trio of killers (this plus Tim and Let it Be) on vinyl. It rocks, as expected.

Crowded House, Self Titled: Great pop from one of the Neil bros. Need to get more of their stuff.

Something else I'm spacing on right now. Too many records? Nah....


Thursday, January 04, 2007

My life with the Kinks

I've been a fan of the Kinks for half of my life now, and their music constantly finds new meaning to me. So I wrote a little piece on my life and how they have influenced/affected me. I guess it's a continuation of that bad term paper I wrote on them in 10th grade.
Read it here