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Thursday, October 04, 2007

10/3 Cider Apple Harvest at LostMeadow

Alice and I harvested cider fruit from the orchard yesterday. We already picked the Kingston Blacks, 1 box from three trees, on Sep 19, along with the St Edmund's Russet (fraction of a box from one tree). The KB's have a nice balanced and intense flavor, the St Ed's Russets have that pear like russet flavor.
As for the 10/3 pick we looked to the cider trees that were showing the most drop. Picked Nehou and Michelin, two boxes total. I'll save those for a keeved cidre doux. We collected drops from th Dabinetts, maybe 1/2 box and stripped one tree that was maturing early due most likely to borer infestation. Then we picked the Chisel Jersey tree, mainly because the fruit were dropping at the slightest nudge (1 box). This high-tannin bitter tastes just like a tea bag, perfect for addition to a low-tannin cider. Next were the Sweet Alfords, one box from two Bud 9 trees. These Alfords have a mild cider apple flavor; not too high in tannin (although it's there), and low in acid. I think they would make a very nice cider mixed 1:1 with Liberty.
Then we snacked on a Sweet 16, nice flavor with hints of vanilla, and an Egremont Russet, low yielding miserable tree habit, fruit has a nice balanced acid/sugar flavor.

Oh, and 10/3 is Ira "Schiffer" Chamber's birthday. Went to school with him and haven't seen him since, but I have a weird knack for remembering the birthdays of people from elementary school. Full Steam Ahead!



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