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SORRY FOLKS...The mill will be closed in 2012!!

Several factors have lined up that will prevent me from squeezing juice this season: the worst apple year at the orchard I manage, as well and many others, including farmhouse trees; a massive shortage of fruit in the Great Lakes region that is driving even local cider fruit to 3X their normal price; starting my PhD this semester, with a full courseload on top of work; and frankly, a need for a breather.

I mulled it all over: squeezing just a couple of weekends, squeezing fermenting stock only; doing a big sweet cider share in one weekend all at once, and so on. But it takes a lot of time just to convert the garage into a cider mill, and it isn't worth it for a small squeeze. Besides, my mid-week day off, which has traditionally been setup and apple trucking time, is now occupied by PBIO 295: Biology of Fungi, so it just ain't gonna happen.

But cheer up, the mill isn't going anywhere, I have enough tied up in it, and my home orchard, and I plan on working in this Vermont apple business for the forseeable future. Cider will flow again. I hear that the year after a bad crop, the trees will be loaded. So see everyone in 2013.




 LostMeadowVT.com is a site I have dedicated primarily to my hobbies managing a small  apple and other fruit orchard and making quality, hand-crafted (hard) ciders.  In these pages I will share my experience with all things growing, squeezing, and fermenting, as well as in other areas as I see worth writing about them.

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